Employee Directory

Antonio S. Alviar, Jr., RN Administrator
Ramiro Rodriguez, RN Director of Nurses & Alternate Administrator
Gladys Garcia, RN Case Manager
Priscilla Alaniz, RN Case Manager
Joe Juarez, RN Case Manager
Eileen Jauregui, RN Case Manager
Rosemary Trevino, RN Case Manager
Linda Reyna, O.T. Director of Therapy – Therapy Dept.
Rose Bazan, PT Case Manager – Therapy Dept.
Ana Moya, ST Case Manager – Therapy Dept.
Rebecca Barry, OTA Case Manager – Therapy Dept
Vanessa Rodriguez, RN Q.A. Nurse – Team Leader
Luis Vasquez, LVN Q.A. Nurse
Jessica Vaquez, LVN Q.A. Nurse
Silver Reyes, RN Q.A. Nurse
Yadira Zavala, LVN Q.A. Nurse
Aida A. Casas Office Manager
Amanda Ruiz Accounting Dept.
Autumn Smith Accounting Dept.
Nathan Casas Payroll Dept.
Audrie Casas Payroll Dept.
Karen Ortega Payroll Dept.
Reginald Kirkland I Payroll Dept.
Connie Ibarra Billing Dept. – Team Leader
Gloria Becerra Billing Dept.
Amber Ruiz Billing Dept.
Frank Esparza Billing Dept.
Reginald Kirkland II Billing Dept.
Gail Rodriguez Billing Dept.
Gina Rodriguez Scheduling Dept. – Team Leader
Derrelene Ramos Scheduling Dept.
Christina Cardenas Scheduling Dept.
Cassandra Bashore Scheduling Dept.
Rosanna Herrera Medical Records
Sonia Hernandez Medical Records
Maria Laird Medical Records
Dora Lopez Therapy Dept. – Team Leader
Mary Ramirez Therapy Dept. – Marketing
Carlos Sanchez Therapy Dept.
Crystal Lozano Therapy Dept.
Ana Fragoso Receptionist
Issac Trevino Receptionist
Amy Vega H.R.
Cristina Sanchez H.R.
Carla Lozano H.R.
EJ Rodriguez Marketing
Alex Piedrahita IT Administrator

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